Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Scrapbook of impressions of London and Chelsea Week
(best viewed with Windows Explorer)

Catching the Underground at Gloucester Road Station and travelling to Sloane Square Station

From Sloane Square Station we walked round the corner to catch the 137 bus to take us up the road to Lister Hospital, where we alighted to walk down the road to the so-called "Ambulance", or "Bullring" entrance to the Showgrounds, in the grounds of the Royal Hospital.

A walk in gloomy weather alongside the Showgrounds to the bus stop

Waiting for the 137 Bus after a loooong day

The fast food outlet during build-up, and by contrast, the crowds when the Show was open to the public

Then came the relief of being awarded the Gold Medal (held here by Collette and Gigi)

On the Friday of Chelsea Week, David kindly took me to visit Wisley Botanical Garden, where my very first impression was of colour, as we walked in to the Garden Shop

Several familiar South African species are housed in the Alpine House

In spite of the rain, Wisley looked lovely - well worth a visit

David "sticking is nose in everywhere" ....

The RHS Bicentenary Glasshouse is making good progress

All good things come to an end, and Breakdown began with the sell-off of flowers on Saturday afternoon

It was sad to see the stand gradually "melt away"

The Breakdown team taking a coffe break, while David seriously chills out

Until finally all that remained was a pile of "hard landscaping" ready for crating, and an equally large pile of rubbish

The "Dirty team" at the end of a hard day

and the Show is now over.......

.....till the next one